Settings: Plex for Windows

The Windows app allows you to adjust a number of settings. You can access these from the Settings entry in the Navigation Menu.


Here you can unlock the app though a one-time purchase, which removes the streaming playback limitations when playing from a Plex Media Server.

Note: The Activate option will be shown only if the app isn't already activated either by a subscription or purchase.

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Device Name

Choose the friendly name for the app. This will appear when acting as a remote player (see below).

Act as remote player

Enable or disable the ability for other Plex apps to fling content to the device and control it remotely.

Act as mobile server

Allow other Plex apps to access content synced to your device via Mobile Sync.

Show local media

Allow other Plex apps to access photos and videos from your device's local Camera Roll.

Allow insecure connections

When enabled, it means that this device is allowed to make insecure connections to a Plex Media Server if secure connections fail. Available choices:

  • Never - (Default) Never fall back to insecure connections without specific action from the user
  • On same network as server - Allow fallback, but only when Plex Web App and the Plex Media Server are on the same network
  • Always - Always allow fallback

Keep display on while running

Use to prevent the display from shutting off while the app is running.

Search shared libraries

Enable this to include shared libraries in search results.

Search channels

Enable this to include channel plugins in search results.


Sign In

If you have an existing Plex account you can enter your username/email and password for the account, then tap Sign In to sign the device into your account. 

Join Plex

If you do not have a Plex account you can tap Join Plex to create a new Plex account and automatically sign the app into the new account.

Automatically sign in

If you're in a Plex Home, you can use this option to have the app automatically sign in to the currently-selected user and bypass any PIN for that user. This might be useful if you're the only one that ever uses your Windows device and you don't want to be bothered by the user menu appearing.

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Enable Direct Play

Allow content to direct play if it is natively compatible.

Enable Direct Streaming

Allow content to direct stream when audio or video streams are natively compatible.

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Limit bandwidth when metered

You can choose to have Plex automatically limit the bandwidth used when on a metered connection.

Video quality

Adjust the quality used when playing any content that isn't remote.

Remote video quality

Adjust the quality used when streaming content over the internet (either from a remote Plex Media Server or from an online source).

Choose the desired quality level. Higher qualities will require a faster network to support. If you set the quality too high, you will experience slow video playback and frequent pausing.

Music bitrate

Select the maximum streaming quality that is allowed for music/audio playback. This can be used to help reduce the bandwidth (or data) used when remotely streaming high-quality audio.

Burn subtitles

Determines if the server should burn in subtitles when converting video, depending on the subtitles format. Avoiding burning in subtitles improves server performance. Available choices:

  • Always - When used, subtitles will always be burned into the video, regardless of the original source type of the subtitle.
  • Automatic - (Default) Burn in subtitles when the subtitle is an image-based format (e.g. VOBSUB, PGS, SUB/IDX, etc.) as well as for complex ASS/SSA subtitles.
  • Only image formats - Only burn in subtitles when the subtitle is an image-based format (e.g. VOBSUB, PGS, SUB/IDX, etc.)

Subtitle size

Allows you to select the font size for subtitles.

Audio boost

You can choose to boost the audio in select circumstances. This only applies when both the audio is already being transcoded and the audio is being down-mixed from multi-channel to stereo.

Theme music

Choose if you would like the Theme Music played while browsing TV Shows.

Theme music volume

Adjust the volume for theme music

Trailers to play before movies

Choose how many Cinema Trailers to play before a movie starts.


Keyboard and remote control input

Allow input for the app using keyboards and remote controls. (If disabled, you must use a mouse/touchpad/touchscreen.)

Always auto-hide mouse cursor

Select to have the mouse cursor hidden automatically.

Remote control play button plays selected media item

Use to allow selected media item to be played using the play button on remote.

Dim background art

Select to have background art in the item preplay screen dimmed.

Live Tile

Allows the app to display information in a Live Tile.


Change location...

Select the location that Mobile Sync will use for synced content.

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Set a limit on the amount of local storage space that Mobile Sync can use for synced content.

Prefer synced content

When enabled, the app will play synced versions of your media (when available) instead of streaming from your Plex Media Server.

Sync when items are ready

Allow items to sync immediately once ready.

Sync when the app launches

Allow items to start syncing once app is launched.

Camera Upload

Enable camera upload

Once you have configured Camera Upload to your liking, you can toggle it On/Off using this option.


Select an existing photo library on your server or create a brand new library to store your uploaded photos.


You can choose to have your photos uploaded to a specific album within the library. Pick from existing albums, create a new one, or leave it at "None" to add directly to the main library.


This option can be used to restart the Camera Upload feature.


Crash reporting

Allows crash reporting in the app.

Allow anonymous usage reporting

Allow Plex to improve your experience by contributing to usage statistics.


Allows logging in the app.

Network logging

When you enable network logging in the Windows app, for the next 20 minutes all log messages from the app will be sent to a logging service.

Tip!: Only enable network logging if you're also reporting details about an issue in our support forums. Network logs are not proactively reviewed.

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