News Overview

Enjoy video news from some of the most trusted sources on the planet, presented seamlessly alongside your own media. The News feature in Plex brings you quick access to over 190 (and counting) sources for national, international, and local news (covering over 80% of US markets) to supported Plex streaming players. It does not require a Plex Media Server. This feature is ad-supported, which means that it comes at no additional cost to you, allowing our users to enjoy high quality news content.

Supported Apps

The following Plex apps currently support News:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android (mobile)
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • Plex Web App (v3.29.6 or newer)
  • Roku


News navigation specifics will vary on different platforms but will follow the same general approach on all.

Home Screen

News will be shown will be in your main library list in supported apps.


In supported TV based app you can set preferences to have My Newscast also show on the home screen.


News Player

When entering News it will start playing the first thing in "My Newscast". You can move your controller directional pad or tap the player window on your mobile device to view a limited set of controls allowing you to pause, open the next or previous video, and go full screen. When going full screen, controls to scrub/skip ahead/back will be available.


News Categories

On TV apps, Categories can be found in the center row below the player. On Mobile apps, on the very bottom of screen there will be a menu to to open and choose a main categories that the player will use.

Select a video in a category to begin playback of items from that point in the category.

Browsing News Content

You can browse News content by category or channel on TV based apps. Where the browse option is located varies by app but should be easy to find.

  • Android TV: Browse option at the end of the center categories row
  • Apple TV: In the top drop down menu above the player
  • Roku: Settings option at the end of the center categories row



On TV devices tags can be seen to the right of the player.

There are two types of tags; Channel Tags (always listed first ) and Content Tags

The circle in the tag icon represents if it is Followed or Muted (highlight and select a tag to choose an option).

  • News_Followed.png Followed:  Add more content in your Newcast from that Channel or Topic
  • News_Muted_Circle.png Muted:  Blocks content from that channel in your Newscast (Topic tags cannot be muted)

Channel tags also have the option to browse more content from that channel.


Personalization Settings

News personalization settings are currently only available in the TV apps. 


  • Location : Select your country. "United States" will require a Postal Code.
  • Categories: The main categories you want to see the most content from in your NewCast.
  • User Experience: Choose whether or not to have a Newscast row on homescreen of app.
  • Muted Content: View and unmute the tags you previously muted.