Frequently Asked Questions - News

General Questions

I'm using a supported client, why don't I see News?

During the initial launch, we're doing a rollout of the feature. Plex Pass users received access with the launch itself and we'll be adding all other Plex users over the next ~48 hours. All users will have access by Friday, September 29 (Pacific Time).

Where can I ask questions about the News feature?

Please visit our friendly forumsspecifically our News forum.

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Which Plex apps support News?

The following Plex apps currently support News:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android (mobile)
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • Plex Web App (v3.29.6 or newer)
  • Roku

When will [my favorite Plex app] get News support?

We launched with support for many TV and mobile platforms and are currently working hard to bring News support to the rest of our Plex apps. We don't have specific details or ETAs to share, sorry.

How will this affect my Plex Media Server?

News in Plex does not require a Plex Media Server. You can watch News without any local or shared Plex Media Server.

Can I sync news content?

It is not currently possible to sync News content using Mobile Sync or Cloud Sync.

Can I share a particular video with a friend who has a Plex account?

We know sharing is an important part of Plex, however sharing News content is not available at this time.

Are Plex Home users supported?

The Plex Home admin can choose whether or not News will show up for their Managed Users. See the "How do I control whether News shows up in general?" question.

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What sort of bandwidth is required?

Streaming bandwidth will automatically change based on network conditions and what is available from source. Some streams can go as low as 128 Kbps. These are similar to streams you might find on a News source online article.

Can I remove My Newscast from showing up on the home Discovery screen?

In the personalization area of the News feature in any particular app, you can choose whether "My Newscast" appears on the app home screen.

How do I control whether News shows up in general?

Access to Plex News is controlled at an account-level basis. If you choose to enable or disable News, then that will apply to all Plex apps signed in to the same Plex account. The only exception to this is that the admin of a Plex Home can control general News availability for Managed Users in the Plex Home, too. (Managed Users cannot control their own News availability.)

If you choose to disable News for an account, then it will not appear anywhere in Plex apps associated with that account.


Starting with version 3.29.7 of Plex Web app, you can access the setting under Account > Online Media Sources when signed in to the Plex Web App with the account in question. When editing the setting, the available choices are:

  • Enabled: News will be available for the current account (and any Managed Users in a Plex Home the account administers)
  • Disabled: News will not appear anywhere in apps for the current account (nor will it appear for any Managed Users in a Plex Home the account administers)
  • Disabled for Managed Users: News will be available for the current account but will not appear for any Managed Users in a Plex Home the account administers (default selection)

Tip! You may have to restart your Plex app or switch between users to see changes to this setting take effect.

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Questions about News Sources

Where does the content come from?

Content comes from various News outlets who have agreed to participate with us as a way to bring news to Plex users. Content is available from numerous trusted providers around the world, including both global and local providers. We continue to work with providers to bring more on board.

Why isn't [my favorite channel] included?

We are always out there looking to add more content from various sources and have many additional partnerships in the works currently. While we may not be able to participate with everyone, we are focused on closing gaps in news where possible as well as providing broad coverage for our users.

Can I request a channel be added?

We cannot guarantee anything, but we welcome suggestions for news sources and love to get feedback. The best place to ask is in our forums.

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