Xbox One - Overview

Navigating the App

Navigation in the Xbox One app focuses on letting the user quickly access their desired content. This is accomplished primarily by making the type of content the main focus of the navigation. That is to say, you choose whether you're interested in looking at Movie, TV, Music, etc. content first and then choose the source for that type of content.

This approach allows you to focus more on the type of media in which you're interested, with less concern regarding where that media is located. Content from your local Plex Media Server, a Plex Cloud server, or libraries a friend shares with you are all equally accessible.

Home Screen

From the home screen, you can view discovery suggestions from the last-accessed content source or you can choose to view a particular type (and source) of media.

On the home screen, the top navigation bar allows you to access available media types or switch back to the home screen.


Continue Watching

If you recently left off in the middle of a movie or TV episode, you can quickly get right back into it from Continue Watching.

On Deck

On Deck shows you television content that you're watching. If you have a whole season of content and finish episode 3, On Deck will then have episode 4 waiting for you to quickly start. In cases when you stop watching in the middle of an episode, it will be available for you to pick up right where you left off.

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Recently Added

The Recently Added areas let you see what content you've added of different types and provides quick access to that content. You can see recent additions for movies, music, photos, home videos, or television. For television content, it will even be intelligently stacked for you so that if you add an entire season of content, you'll just get a single "season" entry displayed rather than a dozen individual episode entries, for instance.


Simply highlighting the desired content type will display a Discover screen, showing content from the selected media source.


In this case, the Movies type was selected and the discovery page from the selected movie media source is displayed. The Discover view is designed to help you quickly access content in which you may be interested. This is achieved by displaying several "hubs" of content.

Each Discover screen is specially crafted to the type of content you are viewing. Be it movies by a particular director, most played music in the month of June, TV Shows from a genre, or photos taken this year, these dynamic displays help you find interesting content. You'll also see recently-accessed playlists of that media type.

The following are some examples of the kinds of "hubs" that you might find on the Discover screens. This is not an exhaustive list, and is meant to give you an idea about the variety of ways you might explore your content.

  • Movies
    • Recently Released Movies
    • Top Movies by Ridley Scott
    • Top Movies in Action
  • Television
    • Recently Aired TV
    • Start Watching (Shows that you haven't begun watching yet)
    • Rediscover (Shows that you started, but haven't recently watched)
  • Music
    • Most played in May
    • More by Arcade Fire
    • Top Albums from 1995
    • Artists on Tour
  • Photos
    • Photos from 2005
    • Photos From the 2010s
    • This Month in 2009
  • Home Videos
    • Videos from 2013
    • Continue Watching
    • Unwatched Videos


Selecting and opening/entering a media type will launch the browse view for that specific item.


Filter, Sort, and Type

In the top bar of the Browse view, you can filter the library to find specific content and sort it as desired. You can also adjust the view type (such as Artists, Albums, or Tracks).

Play, Shuffle, and View

Directly above the library content, you can choose to play or shuffle the current content (either the entire library or filtered content), as well as change your preferred view for a library. For example, you can choose to view the library by Grid, List, or Folder.

Select a Media Source

Highlighting a media type and navigating UP will allow you to specify which source (library) you would like to view that content from. For instance, if you have a movie library on your local Plex Media Server and on a Plex Cloud server, those will both be shown alongside any movie libraries that a friend or family member might be sharing with you.


Once selected, the app will remember which library you last accessed for each media type. For example, you play movies from your own server, but music from your friend's server because she has awesome taste. When looking at Movies, you'll see your own library to start and for Music you'll see your friend's library.

Item Preplay Screen

The preplay screen offers a rich, content-filled overview for your media. You can access related movies based on similar characteristics, dive into the cast, and even watch the trailer or view extras (if you have any for a movie).

For TV Shows, you can also quickly jump to a season or queue up the show for a viewing marathon.

When playing music, you can find similar artists, browse an artists' albums, and even watch their music videos!



User Menu

The User Menu can be used to manage your app settings, switch users, view media server info, or exit the app.



Enable automatic sign in, choose whether you want Cinema Trailers played before a movie, configure audio settings, adjust video playback, or even change the background style to your preferred look. All of that and more can be adjusted under the app Settings.

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