Multi-User Support

Plex lets you spread your media across many screens in your home. You might have a family HTPC in the lounge, smaller setups in bedrooms, and several tablets or smartphones. Each of these screens would normally be watched by one person, each watching their favorite shows. Plex keeps track of what each person is watching with Multi-User support.

Tip!: Plex Pass subscribers can make use of the Plex Home feature. That feature expands multi-user support to include managed user creation, fast user switching, and fine-grained content restrictions.

What does Multi-User offer?

Plex keeps track of a number of things as you watch media:

  • Media you've completely watched
  • Media that's in-progress
  • Where you're at in a TV series/season
  • Audio or subtitle track selections you've made for Library items

On Deck

A great Plex feature is On Deck. It gives you quick-access to your favorite shows and newly added media. As you watch shows, it shows you the one you're part-way through or the next episode. It's a handy tool, but is customized for a particular person. Multi-User keeps track of each person's watch states and shows them their own On Deck.

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Watched Status

As you watch an item, Plex marks it as watched, partially watched, or un-watched. If you're mid-way through a show, it remembers the time you left off. Multi-User keeps track of this for each person.

Audio & Subtitle Track Selections

As you browse or watch content, you may select different audio or subtitle tracks for a Library item. Plex will remember that selection for your user so that the track you chose will be selected again the next time you visit that particular Library item.

Making Use of Multi-User Support

Making use of the multi-user support feature is simple.

  1. Share your desired Libraries with other Plex Accounts
  2. Have those users sign in to their Plex Account in their Plex App

Your Plex Media Server will take care of the rest!

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