The Plex Web App that comes with your Plex Media Server is a dual-purpose web application: it serves both as a way to manage your server and content as well as providing a way to access and view or listen to your content. This powerful web app runs in a modern web browser and allows you to manage or access your content from any computer.


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Supported Browsers

Plex Web App is available in current versions of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 11 is also supported, but we recommend instead using one of the above browsers for the best experience.


The dashboard/Home gives an overview of all your media. The dashboard provides access to:

  • Settings and libraries for the currently-selected server
  • The ability to switch to a different server
  • On Deck and Recently Added content from the selected server
  • Access to Channels, Watch Later, and Recommendations

Manage Libraries

Manage all aspects of your Libraries from one or more Plex Media Servers.

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Manage Media Items

Media items like individual shows can be edited or customized to:

  • Fix incorrectly matched shows
  • Customize an item for posters and other graphic elements, or edit data like plot, actors, etc.
  • Create Collections to gather similar media together

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Manage Plex Media Server Settings

Plex Web App provides a central point to manage settings for any Plex Media Server owned by your account.

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Plex Player

Plex Web App has an integrated and fully featured Plex player so that you can watch and listen to your content.

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