The Plex Web App that comes with your Plex Media Server is a dual-purpose web application: it serves both as a way to manage your Server and content as well as providing a way to access and view or listen to your content. This powerful web app runs in a modern web browser and allows you to manage or access your content from any computer.

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The Dashboard gives an overview of all your media, including your web and social based media. The Dashboard shows you:

  • All Servers on your network with their Libraries
  • On Deck and Recently Added content
  • Internet based resources like Shared Servers, Channels, Recommendations, etc.

Manage Libraries

Manage all aspects of your Libraries from one or more Servers.

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Manage Media Items

Media items like individual shows can be edited or customized to:

  • Fix incorrectly matched shows
  • Customize an item for posters and other graphic elements, or edit data like plot, actors etc.
  • Create Collections to gather similar media together

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Manage Plex Media Server Settings

Plex Web App provides a central point to manage settings for all Plex Media Server on the local network.

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Plex Player

Plex Web App has an integrated and fully featured Plex Player so that you can watch and listen to your content.

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Syncing Media

Mobile Sync lets you sync media to your mobile devices or supported cloud storage providers. Plex Web App lets you choose a mobile device and the media to sync to it from a browser window anywhere. The media is automatically prepared for that device and sent to it next time you sync it.

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Plex values you and your media collection's privacy. We will never intentionally:

  • Gather identifiable information about your media collection
  • Share any of your personal information with third parties not authorized by you

Your Plex Account lets you connect your Server to the Plex Service, but no identifiable information is gathered about your Libraries. This includes the Plex Web App. Even if accessing the App when hosted on Plex Servers, no information about your Libraries are transmitted to Plex, Inc. Communication happens between browser and Server directly, not via the Plex site.

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