Media can be gathered from, shared, and synced over the internet with a variety of technologies. Central to these are free Plex Services offered through the Plex website. Think of the Plex Services as a central tool that stores setup. This lets you access your media over the internet when on the go, or information about media you've found on internet sites like Vimeo, YouTube, and many other supported sites. The Plex Services also serve as a central hub for syncing your media to the various devices you may have.

The Plex Services never gather any personal information about you, your library contents, or other details you might prefer to keep private. Using these Plex Services is optional to the operation of Plex in your home.

Plex It! Bookmarklet

The Plex It! bookmarklet is an applet you drag to a browser's toolbar. If you find an interesting video on a Plex It! supported site, click the bookmarklet and the video details are stored on your Plex Account. Once you've done so, any modern Plex App will let you view the saved media at your leisure.

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Enabling Remote Access for a Server

You can enable Remote Access for a Plex Media Server so that it is available over the internet. It's safe and a convenient way to access your media collection when you're away from your home network. You can also allow friends and family to view part or all of your media collection. Server Sharing works best if you have a fast broadband connection.

Server Sharing should only be used to share media for which you have permission to share with others. These rules vary from country to country so please consult your local authority.

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Social Tools

You can send friends a recommendation to watch items in your Watch Later queue. A recommended item will appear in your friend's Recommended queue so they can watch it at their leisure.

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Cloud Sync Storage Provider Setup (Plex Pass)

If your Plex Account has an active Plex Pass subscription, you can make use of Cloud Sync. Before you can do so, you'll need to set up your storage providers and associate them with your Plex Account.

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