Using the Plex It! Bookmarklet

Plex It! is a bookmark applet (Bookmarklet) that will queue up video from supported web sites and store the details to your Plex account for playback on Plex apps. You also can use it to recommend videos to friends and family, or even to start playing them immediately on your Plex apps.

The three-in-one functionality of Plex It! lets you to "queue" it, "recommend" it, and "fling" it, all with just a few clicks.

Grab the Bookmarklet

Sign in to Plex Web App

You'll first need to open Plex Web App and sign in to your Plex Account.

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Getting the Bookmarklet

You can get your bookmarklet from within the Plex Web App.

  1. From the dashboard, click Watch Later in the left sidebar.
  2. Choose the question mark icon next to the Watch Later title at the top:
  3. On the resulting page, you'll see a bookmarklet link and instructions on how to "install" it:

Queue It

To queue a video from a supported website (e.g. Youtube or Vimeo):

  1. Visit the individual/details page for the video
  2. Click your Plex It! bookmarklet

A panel will open on the left-hand side of the web page indicating the status of the queuing process, which is the bookmarklet's default action. If a video cannot be identified, or if any errors occur, notifications will be displayed there.

Recommend It

To recommend an online video to a friend, click on the second option. In the menu, you can select from your list of friends to include in the recommendation list.

You can also include some text to accompany the recommendation before clicking send.

Fling It

Plex It! will recognize any of the Plex Apps running on your local network that support Plex Companion for remote control. If you click on the Fling icon, a menu of those Apps will appear. Select one, and the video will begin streaming directly to the device.


  • It is not currently possible to "fling" content to a Chromecast with the bookmarklet.
  • Content that lives on a HTTPS secure page cannot be flung. Notably, Youtube and many similar video sites are secure by default.

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