Exploring More of Plex

Once you've installed Plex Media Server and any of the Plex Apps, there are several areas to start exploring. Here is a quick rundown of the more prevalent and popular features.

Using the Plex Web App

If you haven't played around with the Plex Web App already, now is the time! You can open it from a browser on the server machine or any computer on your local network. Plex Web App lets you interact with all Plex features—not only is it where you manage your server and add media to your libraries, you can also use it to play content. If you have set up remote access, you can access the Plex Web App from other computers and devices wherever you are.

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Accessing Plex Remotely

One of the best Plex features is remote access, which allows you to view your media when you're away from home. To set this up, you need to enable remote access to the Plex Media Server (this sometimes requires some configuration of your home network). Once it's set up, you can also share libraries with family and friends who live elsewhere.

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Collecting/Queuing Web Videos

Add the Plex It! bookmarklet to your browser (a simple button you just drag to your bookmarks bar) and then flag a video from virtually any site—Adobe TV, College Humor, Disney, G4TV, Lifetime, PBS, TED Talks, Vimeo, YouTube, and over 150 others—to add it to your Watch Later queue within Plex with just the click of a button. Now, you can have one queue instead of over a hundred separate ones!

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Adding Plex Channels

It only takes a minute or two to add Plex Channels to your server. These offer hundreds of "video on demand" shows and episodes from well-known brands like PBS, CBS, DailyMotion, the Golf Channel, and dozens of others. There are also many niche channels like Dharma Talks (spirituality), Lens (photography), and TWIT.TV. (technology).

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Preparing Media Libraries

If you didn't create a media library during your initial setup or only created a basic one, now is the time to explore. Media libraries are a cornerstone of your Plex experience, so it helps to get your media folders and files named and organized well before you create a library. This way, Plex can give you the best matching, which means your media looks awesome and is easy to find. If you created a library during your initial setup and aren't happy with it, you can always delete it, change the files and folders, and then create a new library.

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Upgrading to Plex Pass

A Plex Pass subscription gives you access to all Plex apps as well as more advanced features like:

  • Parental Controls: Restrict content for those with which you share your server and quickly switch between users in your apps.
  • Premium Music Libraries: Better art, bios, lyrics, and more.
  • Mobile Sync: Play media when you’re offline by syncing content to a mobile device.
  • Cloud Sync: Sync copies of selected media to places like Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.
  • Camera Upload: Wirelessly sync photos from phones or tablets.
  • Early Access and Preview Releases: See what’s coming soon!

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Accessing Plex Forums

Our friendly Plex Forums have thousands of questions and answers on topics ranging from Roku and transcoding to Ubuntu and subtitles. This is a great place to get help from the Plex community. Much of our team also hangs out here along with a range of customers, from power users to newbies.

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