Interface Overview

Plex Web App lets you manage both the Server and your media Libraries in a browser window from any device on your network. It's fast, attractive, and makes managing your media fun. Because it runs in a browser, it will look the same on any platform giving you a consistent experience. Here's an overview of its interface.

Signing in to Plex Web App

Signing Plex Web App into your Plex Account allows you to access shared Servers and provides services such as the Plex It! Queue and Recommendations. It also allows you to choose media to sync to your Plex devices or a cloud storage provider as well as enables your own multi-user 'watched' status. You can sign out from your Plex Account using the Account drop-down at the top right of the screen.

Note: Signing Plex Web App into your Plex Account does not sign the Server into the account. This must be done from Settings tab.

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The Sidebar appears on the left side of the home screen and allows selecting Servers and Libraries as well as performing certain actions.


The sidebar shows you all the Servers and devices currently active on your network. To see content from a Library, click the name in the sidebar.

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Select a Server

If you have several Servers on the network, they will be shown in the sidebar. It's useful to select a Server to see its On Deck and other Server specific content. To select a Server, click its name in the sidebar. Once selected, you'll see that Server's On Deck, Recently Added, etc.

Shared Libraries

Any Libraries shared with your Plex Account will appear in the sidebar if they are currently available and accessible. If none of your Shared Libraries are available (perhaps the shared Server isn't switched on) the Shared Libraries won't appear.

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Server and Library Actions

The Server controls let you perform various tasks on the Server or Libraries and are accessed by clicking .

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Quick-Play Access

Plex Web App has a built-in Player App so you can play media directly in the browser window. Show posters have a Play button that you can click to play within Plex Web App. Hover the mouse over a show poster to slide up the controls.

On Deck

View the currently selected Server’s On Deck contents.

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Recently Added

View content that's recently been added to the current Server's Libraries.

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Channels installed on the currently-selected Server will be listed on the Dashboard. Channels can be managed (install new channels, remove existing ones, etc.) by accessing the Channels item from the Server in the Sidebar.

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Watch Later

Your Plex It! Watch Later queue contents appear here when Plex Web App is signed in to your Plex Account.

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Your Plex friends can send you recommendations to watch something they liked on the internet. When Plex Web App is signed in to your Plex Account, Recommendations will appear in the Dashboard.

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Top Actionbar

The top bar in the Plex Web app provides quick access to navigation, searching, and other important areas.

From left to right, the functions are:

  • Back
  • Home
  • Search
  • Activity
  • Settings
  • Plex Players
  • Account

Home & Back

The Home button will return you to the Dashboard from anywhere within Plex Web App. Clicking the Back button will return you to the previous screen.


The Search box searches media on all Servers currently on your network. Searching of shared Servers and Channels can be controlled via Settings. To perform a search, type in a search term, hit enter, and results will appear. Currently, only titles will be searched.

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See activity from your Servers such as:

  • Alerts: Scanning and Matching progress as well as other notifications
  • Sync: Current sync jobs that have been created for content on the selected Server
  • Now Playing: Currently-playing items

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Access settings for both the Plex Web App itself as well as settings to manage the currently-selected Server.

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Plex Players

The Plex Players button allows you to select other available Plex Apps in your network. When selected you can control currently playing content. In addition, if you have another Plex App selected, when you select content to play in Plex Web App, it will instead play in the selected Plex App.


You can sign Plex Web App in or out of your Plex Account. You can also access Friends, Queue, Recommended, and other options.

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Announcements from Plex will appear here, allowing you to keep informed about Plex. If there are new announcements, a badge will appear on the Account icon. You can access the Announcements under the dropdown there.


Occasionally, you may see an alert pop up. Most commonly, this would occur if a new version of Plex Web App is available but hasn't yet been automatically downloaded.