The Activity page lets you monitor what the selected Plex Media Server is doing and how it's being used. To monitor a Server's activity:

  • Open Plex Web App
  • Select the Server in the Sidebar on the left
  • Click the Activity button icon Activity button in the top actionbar

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There are several areas available under Activity:


Alerts tell you what the Server is currently doing. For example, if you add new media you'll see the matching status here. If there are many notifications, results are automatically paged. You can see older notifications by choosing an older page at the top right of Notifications.

Note: The activity under Alerts here is only for the current browser session. If you reload the browser page or access from a different browser, the Alerts information will start over.


If you're a Plex Pass subscriber, you'll have access to Mobile Sync and Cloud Sync which let you sync media to a mobile device or cloud storage provider. If you have Plex Pass, and Plex Web App is signed in to your Plex Account, the Sync tab will appear. Clicking it will show the Sync status for all your devices for the selected Server.

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Sync tab of the Activity area

Now Playing

You can see which Apps are playing media from the Server in the Now Playing screen. If the user is signed into their Plex Account, you'll see their name on the Now Playing entry. This includes playback both locally and from shared users.

Now Playing tab of the Activity area, displaying multiple playing items

Hovering over a poster will reveal additional options:

You can:

  • Display additional details about the playback such as the current state and transcode/streaming information
  • Stop playback and provide a message to the user.

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