Sign in to Your Plex Account

"Sign in to your Plex account" is a loaded phrase, with different meanings depending on whether it applies to your Plex Media Server(s), your devices, or the website itself.

Signing in to your Plex account has multiple benefits, including:

  • Help Plex apps locate and connect with your Plex Media Server
  • Many Plex apps (such as PlayStation, Smart TVs, and Xbox) will only work when both the app and server are signed in
  • Let your server get a certificate to allow secure connections
  • Make use of Plex Pass features if you're a subscriber
  • Allows you to view your Watch Later and Recommended queues
  • Access your Server when away from home (if you've successfully enabled Remote Access)
  • Access shared libraries from family or friends

You'll want to make sure that you sign into your account in both the Plex Media Server and your various Plex apps.

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Signing your Server in to Plex

Signing in on your Plex Media Server has multiple benefits:

  • Provides connection information to other Plex apps to help them find your Server
  • Allows you to make use of Plex Pass features if you're a subscriber
  • Lets you connect your Server to so that it is accessible when away from home (or when you share with family or friends)

Signing in on your Server is done through Plex Web App.

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Tip!: If you aren't yet signed into your Server, you'll usually need to first access it locally via http://localhost:32400/web or on the Server's computer.

Click the Settings button and then select Server on the right. If more than one Server is present on the network, select the Server in which you're interested by using the dropdown on the left.

Under General on the left, you will be able to sign in to your Plex account.

Enter your account username (or email) and password and then click the Sign In button.

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Signing your Devices in to Plex

Sign in to Plex Web App

Above, we mentioned signing your Plex Media Server into your Plex Account. This is different than signing in to the front end interface of the Plex Web App. This is done through the Account icon at the top right of the Plex Web App:

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Sign In on your Plex Apps

Signing into your account in the various Plex apps:

  • Helps the app locate and connect to your Plex Media Server
  • Lets you make use of Plex Pass features if you're a subscriber
  • Allows you to view your Watch Later and Recommended queues
  • Lets you access your Server when away from home (if you've successfully connected the Server)
  • Lets you access shared Libraries

The specific method will vary from app to app.

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Sign in with Username and Password

Plex apps for your mobile devices and desktop computer will typically use your username and password for sign-in. Apps will usually prompt you to sign into them when first launched or you can access the sign in form under their Settings menu.

Link the App to Your Account with a Code

Some Plex apps—usually those designed for use on your television—will let you link the app with your Plex account using a one-time code. You'll see a 4-character alphanumeric code in the app.

  1. Leave the app running and on that screen
  2. Visit while signed into your Plex account
  3. Enter the code
  4. The app will detect the link to your account

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Signing in on the Website

When you visit the web site, you can sign in to your Plex account (or Sign Up for a new one).

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