Mobile Sync Overview

Tip!: The Mobile Sync feature requires an active Plex Pass subscription for the main Plex Media Server account.

Plex excels at giving you access to your media collection almost wherever you are. Stream through the house with ease, even across the internet when you're on the daily commute. There are times though when you're away from the internet and your home Server. Mobile Sync lets you sync media directly to your mobile device, so it's available locally on the device. You don't need the internet or a Plex Server to view it. Mobile Sync is a Plex Pass premium feature. The Server must be logged in using a Plex Account with an active Plex Pass subscription in order to use Mobile Sync.

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Note: Mobile Sync is not available for Plex It! Queue items, Recommendations, or for most Channels in Plex. It is also not possible to sync content from a Cloud Sync library.


Mobile Sync is currently available for the following mobile versions of these Plex Apps:

Tip!: If another user is sharing libraries with you, they will need to enable the Allow Sync option on the share in order for you to be able to sync content.

How it Works

When you start to use Mobile Sync, you first sign all the devices you're going to use into your Plex Account along with the Server. Plex registered the devices, and so knows what devices you own. In the example below, we've signed into our Plex Account and chosen the Devices tab. Note that there are numerous devices registered, including two Servers, a couple of iOS devices, and an Android device.

Because Plex knows what devices you have, it lets you choose to prepare media for any compatible app/device. You choose the media to sync–say, a single item or a number of TV Show episodes–and the Server automatically prepares them for your device. When ready, the items will be sent to the device on the next sync session.