On Deck for Television

On Deck is an exciting feature introduced by Plex to make it easy to continue where you left on on your favorite shows. On Deck updates dynamically as you watch shows from your collection.

On Deck for TV Shows

TV Shows by their nature are more complex than simply watching an episode. After you finish one episode, there's usually the next one to look forward to. On Deck for television content understands this and helps you keep track of where you are in a series by automatically making the next unwatched episode easily accessible to you.

Tip!: When you initially start using Plex, you won't have any On Deck content. However, as you begin watching media in your library, On Deck will automatically start showing content for you.

Imagine that you've just started using Plex and you have a brand new, fresh television Library with some content.

Your friend keeps telling you that you should watch some "Archer", but you've never had a chance before. Now seems like a great time, so you start watching the first episode. Unfortunately, you chose to do so late at night and your unstoppable laughter is making the neighbor complain, so you have to stop partway through the episode.

Since you stopped partway through the episode, it shows up in your On Deck as in-progress.

Unable to silently watch Archer, maybe it's better to pick something more serious. So, you start "Band of Brothers" and complete the first episode. Now your On Deck shows you the next episode in the series so you can quickly watch it.

The next afternoon (when your neighbor has no excuse), you finish watching that Archer episode. Not only does On Deck then give you the next episode, but it also moves "Archer" to the front since it's the most recent thing you've watched:

Before you became enlightened and started using Plex, you watched the first season of "Suits" as well as a number of episodes of BBC's excellent "Sherlock" series. So, you go into your television Library and appropriately mark those episodes as having been "watched".

Now, as you continue watching content, your On Deck will automatically update to help present content that continues where you left off.