Searching your media Library lets you find media quickly across all Libraries on your network. If you've chosen to include Shared Libraries and Channels in Plex Web App Search Settings, it can also return results from those resources as well.

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Basic Searching

Global Search

You can initiate a global search from the top actionbar. This will search all Libraries on your local network.

  • Open Plex Web App
  • Click inside the Search bar at the top of the screen
  • Type the search term

A Global Search will return results from all available media types: Movies, TV Shows, Episodes, Artists, Albums, and Tracks.

Currently, only media Titles are searched.

On the search page, you can select to either search the current server or all available servers:

Using Search Results

Once you've found the media for which you're searching, you can either play it directly from the search results using the Plex Web App or else visit that item's pre-play details screen.

Play the Media Directly

To play the media directly:

  • Hover the mouse over the poster image in the search results
  • Click the Play button that appears in the slide-up pane
  • The media is played using the Plex Web App

Go to Media Pre-Play Screen

Click on the main poster for an item to visit the pre-play details screen.

Pivoting From the Pre-Play Screen

The pre-play screen shows information such as Director, Writer, Cast, etc. You can click on the names there to pivot and automatically do a search for media that involves that person. For instance, select one of the cast members and see all other media in which they appear.