Set the Agent Order

The Plex Web App currently doesn't support Agent Ordering. Here's the information for Plex/Web.

Ordering Agents

Each Primary Agent can collect metadata from multiple sources, and you can influence which metadata is used from the Agent’s list by enabling, disabling, and reordering its sources in the Agents Settings. For example, one source might be used for Plot Summaries, Actors etc., a second for high-res posters and a third might have a better selection of posters but at a lower resolution. You can choose to use site three for posters by placing it higher in the Agent ordering than site two. Ordering the Agent will affect all Libraries that use the Agent. To order sources:
  • Choose 
  • Click the Plex Media Server tab
  • If you have multiple Servers on the network, choose the Server to use with 
  • Choose Agents
  • Choose the media type (Movies, TV Shows etc.) and then Primary Agent to re-order
  • To enable or disable a source, check or uncheck the checkbox
  • To change the order of the list, click and drag the left ordering handle
  • Drag the source to the position in the list you want

Agent Source Preferences
Some Agent sources have preferences you can set. To set the preferences:
  • Choose the Agent
  • If a Source has preferences that can be set, a Gear icon will appear to the right
  • Click
  • Set the preferences

Local Media Assets
Most Agents will contain the Local Media Assets source. This source looks for local files like poster images, subtitles etc. as well as embedded metadata inside certain media files. For example:
  • Metadata like Plot, actor etc. embedded in a file (typically MP4, M4V, MP3 and more)
  • Local Poster artwork, subtitles and more files
  • TV Show theme tunes
To make sure the files and embedded metadata are recognized:
  • The Local Media Assets source is enabled (checked)
  • The Local Media Assets is topmost in the list of sources

Force Refresh the Library

Once you have changed the Agent order, the Library must be force-refreshed. This will re-fetch the information using the new Agent order. To Force Refresh an entire Library:

  • Mouse over the library in the left sidebar
  • Click the  button next to the library and select `Refresh All Metadata`

Completed: 11.12.13 Boots