Changing a Library Scanner

The Scanner a Library uses can be changed when it is first created, or when editing it. Note that some library types such as Photo libraries only have one scanner so there will not be a dropdown to change it.

To change the Scanner:

Change the Scanner when creating a Library

  • Add a new Library as previously described
  • Before choosing Add Library, click Advanced in the sidebar
  • Choose the Scanner to use from the Scanner drop-down
  • Finish configuring the Library

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Change the Scanner after the Library has been created
If a Library has already been created, you can change the Scanner from the Library Edit screen:

  • Mouse over the library in the left sidebar
  • Click the  button next to the library and select Edit
  • The Edit Library pane opens
  • Click Advanced
  • Choose the Scanner to use from the Scanner drop-down
  • Click Save
  • Update the Library