Sync Media to a Device

Tip!: The Mobile Sync feature requires an active Plex Pass subscription for the main Plex Media Server account.

Here's how to prepare and Sync media to your device. The Plex Media Server and all devices involved must be signed into a Plex account with an active internet connection. Devices should be on the same network as the server.

Sign in with Your Plex Account

Sign Your Device into Your Plex Account

To begin using Mobile Sync, you first need to register all the devices to which you want to sync media. To do this, sign the App into your Plex account, which registers the device. Once you're done, you can sign into the Plex Web App, choose Settings > Devices and see that all the devices are there.

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Sign your Server into Your Plex Account

To register the Plex Media Server with Plex, sign it in with the same Plex account.

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Sync Your Content

Note: Only one user can have synced content on a shared device. 

Choose the Media to Sync

Once all the devices and servers have been registered with Plex, you can start to sync media. This article covers using Plex Web App to sync. (The apps let you control Sync as well. See the app support for your device for more details.) To do this:

  • Open Plex Web App
  • Sign Plex Web App into your Plex account
  • Sign the server into your Plex account
  • Choose the media to sync
  • Click web-sync-button.png
  • Choose the device to sync to from the list. If you have only one device registered, you won't see the device selection
  • Choose the quality and other options to use
  • Choose Done or click to view the Sync Status

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Mobile Sync Phases

There are several phases to Mobile Sync:

  • Choose items to sync - when you choose the media and device to sync
  • Saving the sync settings - once you've made your selection, it's saved to Plex
  • Server fetches the sync request - the Server sees that there is a Sync request on Plex for it and fetches it
  • Transcode the media - the Server starts to prepare the media for your device as necessary
  • Transcode complete - once complete, the Server looks to see if there's another job. If there is, it starts work on that. The previous job waits on the Server until the device arrives
  • Transfer to the device - when you're ready, connect the target device to your network, launch the App and tap Sync. The prepared media will be sent to the device