Sync Multiple Items Dynamically

Tip!: The Mobile Sync and Cloud Sync features requires an active Plex Pass subscription for the main Plex Media Server account.

Mobile Sync and Cloud Sync let you have sync jobs of single or multiple items. For instance, with a TV Show, you can have multiple seasons and episodes and you can control synching these multiple items automatically. Likewise, for a music library, you could sync individual tracks, albums, or entire artists.

The watched and progress status for items are updated back to the Server and you can set things up so that you'll always have the next unwatched shows available. This article covers using Plex Web App to sync. The Apps let you control Sync as well. See the App Help for your device for more details.

Single vs Multiple Items

Being able to sync a single movie is pretty cool, but it's also very static. It's just that particular movie. If you want to be more dynamic, you can set things up so that multiple items are synced automatically. For instance, imagine syncing your 10 most Recently Added albums, the On Deck for your television library, or some of your unwatched "comedy" movies. All of that is possible if you set up your Sync correctly.

Options Available for Syncing Multiple Items

For the most part, if you can filter or sort on something in a Plex Library then you can create a sync job from that.


You can choose one of the multiple views available for a library:

  • Recently Released
  • Recently Added
  • Recently Viewed
  • On Deck

Then choose to Sync based off that view.


Filters in Plex can be incredibly powerful. Filter some content and then start a Sync based off the results.

You can be creative with your filters:

  • Animation (Genre) + G, PG (Content Rating)
  • A Collection of favorite items
  • All Ridley Scott (Director) movies
  • Television Episodes sorted by Date Aired


Collections can be particularly powerful here as they allow you to create arbitrary groupings of library items. Once you have a Collection, you can use that to Sync the items and you can add or remove items from the Collection as you see fit.

Multi-Selected Items

You can enable the Select option by mousing over an item, and selecting the circle from the top left corner. Then manually select multiple items or drag to select them.

Once selected, you can choose to Sync that selection.


Sync a Series or Season

To Sync a TV Show, choose it in the Plex Web App. Mobile Sync can automatically select the items to sync with the Sync pane. You can choose to sync the entire TV Show, or just a single season. If you want to sync an entire TV Show, open the All Seasons view.

If you want only a particular season, choose that season.

Choose how to Sync

From either the All Seasons or a single season view:

  • Choose Sync from the menubar on the top
  • Choose either Cloud Sync or the device to which you wish to sync to if you have several
  • Set your preferences
  • Click the Sync button

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Syncing Television On Deck

You might like to have the next episodes of your favorite TV Show ready for you on the daily commute. To do this, you could sync your television On Deck:

  • Open your dashboard
  • Select On Deck
  • Choose Sync from the menubar on the top
  • Choose Cloud Sync or the device to which you wish to sync to if you have several
  • In Sync window, choose Unwatched to send only unwatched items
  • Choose how to limit the number of items sent. If you choose None, the limit will be the amount of room applied globally by the App for synched content
  • Once complete and items are synced, watch some content
  • When you arrive back home, Sync the device or make sure your Server is connected to get updated Cloud Sync info
  • Media that you have watched updates the watched status on the Server and is removed from being synced as needed
  • New items are prepared so that they'll be ready to be synced