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Plex Pass subscribers get access to Premium features that give you a better Plex experience and one of those is Mobile Sync. With it, you can choose media, then a device to sync to, and the Server will prepare the media, ready to be copied to your device. When the target device connects up to the Server, hit Sync in the App and the media is copied to the device.

Plex Web App Sync

Plex Web App lets you prepare media for any compatible device that's registered to your Plex Account. First, make sure you've logged the target device into your Plex Account once so it's registered there. To sync media from Plex Web App:

Log Plex Web App into your Plex Account

  • Be sure you're a Plex Pass subscriber
  • Enter your Plex Account username and password in the Sign In pane on the Dashboard OR
  • Click the Accounts box and choose Sign In

Sign the Server in with your Plex Account

  • Be sure you're a Plex Pass subscriber
  • If there's more than one Server, choose the one to use from the Server button 
  • Click 
  • Click the Server tab, then Connect
  • Sign into your Plex Account

Select items to Sync

  • Hover the pointer over an item and select the circle in the top left corner of the poster to select. 
  • Select any other items to Sync
  • Click
  • Choose the device to which you want to sync
  • Choose the Quality to use if you only chose one item
  • Set the limits if you chose more than one item
  • The choices are saved to Plex
  • Final confirmation is given. Click here to watch the Sync Status in Activity

If the Server is signed into into your Plex Account, it will begin preparing the media for your device. If it isn't, it will begin preparation next time it is signed into your Plex .

Sync Limits
If you chose more than one item to sync, you can set limits on what to Sync:

  • Unwatched - only sync unwatched items
  • Limit None - Sync all items. If there's not enough space on the device not all the items will copy to it
  • By number of items - limit the number of items to sync

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