I've Read the FAQ and am Still Having Issues; How Do I Post on the Forum to Make Sure I Get the Best Help Finding the Solution?

In order to make sure others can help you find answers to your issue, it is not enough to just say “This channel does not work”. Therefore, you need to provide as much information about your system setup and the problem you are having as possible.

First, give as much detail as possible about the problem or issue you are having:

  • Is the channel producing a list of media for all the sections of the channel? If not, what sections are not producing a list of media?
  • Does it give you an error message?
  • Are all the sections producing a list of media but you get an error when you try to play them?
  • Are you unable to play all videos or just certain ones? If it is just certain media that will not play, did you try directly accessing that media on their site through your web browser?

When reporting an issue always include the version of the Plex Media Server you are using, the operating system on which you have the Server installed, as well as the Plex App you are using to access the channel. Also, try accessing the channel with multiple Apps and include which Apps this issue occurs on in your post.

Include a log file. It can also be quite helpful to include the log file for the channel. The channel log is named "com.plexapp.plugin.<short name of plugin>.log". The system log (com.plexapp.system.log) can also be helpful. Since pasting a log into your response can take up unnecessary space, using pastebin, pastie, or another similar service is the preferred method for attaching logs.

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