Submitting your channel for the Channel Directory

The Plex Channel Directory thrives on the contributions of 3rd-party developers from the Plex community. Once you have your channel ready, please follow these steps so we can get it out there for the world to see!


General Guidelines

Plugins must be finished enough for every day users. This includes:

  • Most major playback issues resolved
  • No broken links
  • Easy to use interface
  • Include a default icon and fanart (see the Graphics Guidelines below for details)
  • Use window titles for all sections
  • Look and feel must be consistent with other channels
  • No 18+ channels
  • Channels can't duplicate other channels already offered (e.g. please help build on the existing YouTube channel rather than submitting your own)

Graphics Guidelines

  • Icons must be 512x512
  • Icons must be PNG files and be named "icon-default.png"
  • Icon graphics should be good quality and not be blurry or pixelated
  • Fanart must be 1280x720
  • Fanart must be JPG files and be named "art-default.jpg"
  • Plex, Inc. reserves the right to update icon or art files if they don't meet quality standards or do not accurately represent the graphic ID of the content site

Steps for Submission

  1. Create a repository for your channel on (make sure that the repository follows the standard Plex channel repo format - i.e. / user_name / channel_name.bundle / Contents / ...
  2. Send an email to (sander at plex dot tv), with a link to your channel on GitHub
  3. Be sure to include a short summary of the channel for the listing in the Channel Directory

My channel doesn't belong in the Channel Directory

If your channel does not meet these stated guidelines, you may wish to consider adding it to the Unsupported Appstore instead.

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