Home Screen

Warning!: Plex Home Theater is deprecated and no longer in development. We have focused our efforts on the newer Plex Media Player app instead and recommend moving to that app.

The Home Screen has various resources for you. The items seen in the Home screen depend on what's available. For example, you won't see any Server Libraries if your Server is switched off. Items automatically appear and disapear as they become available or not.

Server Libraries

Libraries that are available on your network appear automatically in the Home screen. You'll also see remote Libraries that belong to you or have been shared with you by a friend as well as Cloud Sync Libraries.

Local Libraries

Libraries provided by local Servers that you have permission to use appear in the main Home screen. If there are several Servers, the Server name appears under the Library name so you can tell identically-named Libraries apart.

Note: If you're accessing your own Server over the Internet, the Libraries will appear in the main Home screen when they're available.

Viewing a Local Library

When a Library is selected in the Home screen, you'll see the On Deck blade that makes choosing what media to watch quick and easy. To view the entire contents of a Library, press Enter or the main key on your remote.

Shared Libraries

A friend may have shared a Library with you so you can watch their media over the Internet. Shared Libraries appear inside the Shared Content item. For Shared Content to appear:

  • You need a free Plex Account
  • A friend needs to have shared a Library or Server with you
  • Plex Home Theater must be signed into your Plex Account

To see the Libraries shared with you, press Enter or the Main button on your Remote.

Note: Be sure to observe your country's local copyright laws whan sharing or viewing Shared Media!


Channels let you view internet-based media from supported sites like Vimeo, YouTube, and many TV Network catch-up services. Channels are installed on the server. To view Channels available:

  • Install some Channels on your server
  • From the Home screen of Plex Home Theater, select Channels
  • Choose the Channel you want to watch

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You can add items from supported web sites to your "Plex It!" Queue with the Plex It! Bookmarklet. Once an item is added to the queue, selecting Queue at the Home screen shows the Queue blade. You can see both your Plex It! Queue and Recommendations from friends.

Pressing Enter or the main remote button opens the Queue window. Once in that view, press [Left Arrow] on the remote or keyboard and choose which item you want to see.

Cloud Sync

Items you've synched using Cloud Sync appear like a normal Library with "Cloud Sync" under the name.

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Search lets you search for items on Servers and also searches certain internet sites for matching media.

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System Controls

System controls that let you access things like Preferences, Quit etc. To access this menu, press [Left] using your keyboard or remote while at the Home screen. The System Controls menu rotates into view.