Using the On Deck blade

Warning!: Plex Home Theater is deprecated and no longer in development. We have focused our efforts on the newer Plex Media Player app instead and recommend moving to that app.

When you select a Library on the Home screen, you'll see the On Deck blade that offers quick access to the Library contents.

The On Deck blade

On Deck offers quick access to media you're currently watching, recently added items, and the next episode in your favorite TV Show. The On Deck blade shows different content depending on the type of Library you're viewing.

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Navigating the On Deck blade

To move through the On Deck blade:

  • Press the [Right] button to enter the blade
  • Press [Up] or [Down] to switch blade shelves
  • Press [Right] to move right through the items
  • Press [Left] to move left through the items

To exit the On Deck blade:

  • Keep pressing [Left] until you exit the blade OR
  • Press [ESC] or Menu on the remote

Using the On Deck blade

You can perform various actions on items shown in On Deck.

Visit the item pre-play screen

To visit an item's pre-play screen:

  • Select the item in On Deck
  • Press Enter or the main button on your remote

Play an item

To play an item without visiting the pre-play screen:

  • Select the item in On Deck
  • Press P on the keyboard OR
  • Play/Pause button on an Apple Remote OR
  • Play button on a Harmony Remote

The show will begin to play immediately.

To play an item from the pre-play screen:

  • Make sure is selected in the Action bar
  • Press Enter or the remote main button

Open the Contextual Menu

A contextual menu lets you do several things directly on the item. To open the contextual menu:

  • Select the item in On Deck
  • Press C on the keyboard OR
  • Press and hold the center button on an Apple Remote OR
  • Press Menu on a Harmony Remote

Mark as Watched/Unwatched

You can set an item as watched or unwatched from the contextual menu.


An item can be deleted from the server using Remove. Note that this will permanently delete the file from the server! When you select Remove, confirmation is requested. If you confirm the deletion, the source media file is deleted from the Server.

Note: The Remove option will only appear if the Server is set to allow item deletion.

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