Quick Guide to Cloud Sync

Tip!: The Cloud Sync feature requires an active Plex Pass subscription for the main Plex Media Server account.

Cloud Sync is a Premium feature available to Plex Pass subscribers. With it, you can choose media to sync content to a cloud storage provider. Before you do that, of course, you'll need to set up your providers for Cloud Sync.

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We'll go through a quick example to show how you might use it. In this case, we're going to be using Plex Web App to initiate a sync to a cloud storage provider that's been previously set up.

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Before You Begin

Before you do anything else, make sure you have your Plex Media Server signed in to your Plex Pass-enabled Plex account. You also need at least one Cloud Sync storage provider set up.

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Setting up the Sync

So, let's say we've decided that to sync some television content and have arbitrarily chosen to do an episode from the new season of a popular show. In Plex Web App, browse into the TV library, choose NCIS, and then select the latest Season 11.

In this case, let's sync the newest unwatched episode. Hit the Sync icon on the left:

Then choose to where the content should be synced - in this case "Cloud Sync":

Now choose options for the Sync. For a small storage provider, you might decide to use "Low" quality. In this case, we're only selecting a single unwatched episode. So, make the choices:

After submitting, it's possible to watch the progress as the Plex Media Server transcodes the item:

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Once the transcode completes, the Plex Media Server will begin to upload the item to the Cloud Sync storage. While the content is uploading, you'll see progress of the upload in your Sync Activity.

Once the upload completes, you'll see the normal checkmark to denote that everything is done.

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Viewing your Cloud Sync Content

Once the Plex Media Server is done transcoding the selected item and has completed the upload, you'll see a new Cloud Sync "Server" appear in the left sidebar of your Dashboard. The Cloud Synced content can be accessed just like normal.