Special Keyword File/Folder Exclusion

Plex will automatically ignore and exclude certain content:

  • Files that include sample in the filename and are less than 300MB in size
  • Trailers, extras, and bonus material:
    • Files or folders matched as "extras" (trailers, featurettes, behind the scenes, etc.)
    • Sub-folders that include the words extras, samples, bonus, or bonus disc
  • Disk image content:
    • Files that have the suffix .dvdmedia, .iso, or .img (and other disk image formats)
    • Sub-folders for disk image formats (VIDEO_TS, BDMV, etc.)

Currently these filters are hard coded into the file scanner logic and these items are excluded before metadata matching begins.

Only a very few select number of videos are affected by this issue and often have simple workarounds. Usually, simply renaming the file or directory to not include one of the above keywords is enough to have Plex start recognizing and handling the file.

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