How can I make Dashboard content appear faster?

The speed at which "Dashboard" content (Continue Watching, On Deck, Recently Added Movies, etc.) appears in an app is largely going to be limited by what's required to look up and analyze the data needed for the request. If it takes long enough, it could even result in the content not being returned at all because the request timed out. Three main things affect that:

  1. The database itself. Doing an Optimize Database can help clean things up, fix indexes, etc. so that the database is speedier.
  2. The size of your media library. If you have, say, 50 television shows and you're actively going through 20 of them in On Deck, that's a lot more data that has to be analyzed than someone who had 10 shows and is only watching 3.
  3. The amount of data being looked at. This goes hand in hand with #2 and is where the Weeks to consider for On Deck (advanced) Library setting comes into play. The more weeks you look at, the more data the SQL query has to look at and thus it can take longer. We generally recommend that you not use a value larger than the default of 16 weeks.

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