TV Theme Music & Submissions

TV Theme Music

The TV Theme Music feature plays TV show theme songs in the background when you navigate to the top level of a TV show. Plex can automatically add the music when the TV show is scanned into the library. Music files hosted by Plex will not exceed 30 seconds in length so as to abide by copyright restrictions.

Submitting TV Theme Music

User-created theme music can be submitted to Plex via email.

Submitted files will be previewed by the Plex team and the best background music will be chosen to be used by the Metadata Agent. At this time, one background music file will be used per TV show. The following guidelines must be met for the background music file to be considered:

  1. Files must be in mp3 format only
  2. The file must not exceed 30 seconds (this is a legal restriction for Fair Use). Any files over 30 seconds will be returned.
  3. Do not include music fades at the beginning or end of the file
  4. File name must be TV Show Name - TVDBID.mp3 (e.g. "Lost - 73739.mp3")
  5. Files must be not less than 44.1 Khz sample rate
  6. Files must not be less than 128 kbps or exceed 256 kbps
  7. Submit the file using the above link, including a brief description of the file and why you are submitting it if it is a duplicate

Requesting TV Theme Music

If you notice any theme(s) missing from the list of Current TV Themes and you aren't able to submit your own mp3 as directed above, you can request by email for them to be added as well. Actual mp3 submissions will take priority over requests. For each requested TV show, the title and TVDBID must be included.

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