Warning!: Plex Home Theater is deprecated and no longer in development. We have focused our efforts on the newer Plex Media Player app instead and recommend moving to that app.

The Plex Home Theater App is intended for use in a full-blown Home Theater setup. It includes all the modern Plex features such as:

  • A comfortable 10-foot user interface designed for use from the lounge
  • Full support for the more powerful CPU and GPU usually found in HTPCs mean less Server transcoding duties
  • Internet services like Channels, Queue, Recommendations, and Shared Server Libraries

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Why use an HTPC?

HTPCs (Home Theater PC) are usually regular PCs that are housed in audio component like cases that make them at home amongst your other stereo equipment. They might also be compact computers like a Mac mini or other compact PC. What differentates them from small, connected devices such as a Roku is that they run a full-blown OS on regular computer hardware, which lets you multi-task or run other regular applications. Devices like Roku have a great Plex App, but are unable to multi-task and only run Apps specifically written for them. HTPCs also offer broader support for audio connections than most connected devices like Roku.

Run the Server on the same machine

Another great reason to use a HTPC is if you want to run the Server and an App on the same machine. Plex Home Theater uses moderate resources on the PC, and it also supports many of the GPUs found in modern graphics cards. This means your HTPC can become the central hub for your home's Plex setup.