Unable to sign in to Plex Account

Occasionally, users may run into issues signing into their Plex Account in the App.

Verify Your Account Information

The first thing to do is to verify that you have the correct account information. When signing in to a Plex Account, you can your password together with either the account username or email address.

  • If you have issues with using the username, try using the email address instead (or vice versa)
  • Verify that you can successfully sign in on the plex.tv website

"Sign in failed" Error

We've seen a few instances where users have ad-blocking applications installed on their device. These can sometimes interfere with the communication the Plex App needs. You can try disabling the ad-blocking app or adding "my.plexapp.com" and "*.plex.tv" to a whitelist.

If you still have trouble, our support forums are a great resource.

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