Settings for Sync Jobs

When you create a sync job, you'll be able to specify some settings as part of the process. The Sync item settings let you control which items are automatically prepared and sent to your device.

The settings are:


In some situations, you may have the option to set a title for the sync job. In many situations, this field will not be available and the sync job will be named automatically based on what you've chosen to sync.


When choosing to sync Unwatched items:

  • Only items that are marked as unwatched are included
  • When an item has been marked as watched, it will be removed on the next Sync


Limiting the items to sync lets you control how much media is sent to the device or Cloud Sync:

  • None: there is no limit to the number of items, except for global limits the Plex App lets you set for the amount of space used for synced items or limits you've set for your Cloud Sync providers
  • By number of items: Limit the number of items from this particular sync job


You can choose the quality for the items you wish to sync. Exact details will vary based on the device (or Cloud Sync) to which you're syncing. In general, lower quality will be acceptable to watch on a smaller device screen and won't take up too much space. It may not be super crisp and may be unacceptable if you were outputting it to a larger display. On the other end, the highest option may sync the item directly (if compatible), remux the item, or else convert it to a compatible format with the highest quality settings. These items will generally take up a lot of space.