How can I see details about audio/video playback?

In Plex Home Theater, you can use the i key during playback to access an information overlay showing detailed real-time information about the current playback.

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Information is broken down on multiple lines.

Line 1 is audio stream information:

  • D: Details of the audio source such as AAC codec, 48kHz, stereo, as well as the bitrate
  • P: Playback details including how much of the audio buffer (AQ) is being used

Line 2 is video stream information:

  • D: Details of the video source such as H.264 codec, the source resolution, and bitrate
  • P: Playback details including the video buffer (VQ) as well as how many frames have been dropped (drop)

Line 3 shows some fairly arcane technical details that typically aren't important or useful to users (if you need that sort of info, you'll know what it means).

Line 4 shows:

  • W: The current framerate and CPU utilization
  • P: The name of the source Plex Media Server as well as whether it is being Direct Played or transcoded

If either the AQ or VQ ever reach zero, the corresponding buffer is empty and the video will have to rebuffer before continuing.

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