Windows Phone Logs

For investigating some issues, we may ask you to share your logs. There are two logs generally of interest in these situations:

  • Logs from the Windows Phone device
  • Logs from your Plex Media Server.

Logs from the Windows Phone Device

When you need to retrieve logs from the Windows Phone app, there are two ways to do so. If you have an active network connection, then using "Network Logging" is usually the simplest way. You can also gather the logs manually, though this is more involved.

Enable Logging

Before doing anything else, you'll want to enable logging for your Windows Phone app. To do so:

  1. Sign In: Make sure you've signed in with your Plex account in the app under settings > account
  2. Enable Logging: Enable logging, which is found under settings > advanced > logging

 This turns on logging for the app in the background.

Email Diagnostics

The best way to get detailed logs and device data for troubleshooting is to make use of the "Email diagnostics" functionality. This will open an email in your default email application. The message will have a zip file attached that will include app logs that can be useful for investigation.

Reproduce the Issue and Email the Logs

To email the debugging logs:

  1. Make sure you've signed in with your Plex account in the app under settings > account
  2. Reproduce the issue you're having
  3. Go to settings > advanced and tap Email diagnostics
  4. Your default email program will open with a message that has a zip file already attached to it
  5. The email address for your Plex account will be prepopulated (you can enter a different address if one was specifically given to you) to send the email to yourself

Report the Issue

Post a description of the problem in the forums if you haven't done so already. Then attach the logs zip file to your forum post.

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Network Logging

When you enable network logging in the Windows Phone app, for the next 20 minutes all log messages from the app will be sent to a logging service. A handful of members of the Plex team have access to those logs and can pull them up without you having to download or upload anything manually. Only the Plex team has access to the logs though, so other forum members won't be able to help you.

Enable Network Logging

You'll enable network logging under settings > advanced > network logging in the app.

Reproduce and Report the Issue

Reproduce the issue you're having. Network logging only lasts for 20 minutes, so reproduce the problem right after turning it on.

Post a description of the problem in the forums if you haven't already. Then just let us know your Plex username and about when you turned on the logging so we can find it.

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Access the Logs Directly

Once you've enabled logging, keep the app open and then you can access the logs using a browser running on a computer on the same network as your phone.

Access Current Logs

You access the logs by visiting the following URL in the browser:


Now you need to locate the correct address and port.

  1. Turn on network logging under settings > general > network logging in the app. This makes it possible for you to actually access the device logs. (If you neglect to do this, the page will be blank when you try to access the logs.)

  2. On your computer, browse to and pick your phone out of the list. It will probably be a device entry where the product attribute is "Plex for Windows Phone".

  3. From that entry, get the connection element's uri attribute, which has your address and port:

    <Connection uri=""/>

So, with that information, you can make the URL you'll need:


  1. Reproduce the issue you're reporting
  2. Reload the browser page to load in the new logs
  3. Click in the main log area and select all the text via CTRL-A (or CMD-A for OS X systems)
  4. Copy the log information via CRTL-C (or CMD-C for OS X systems)
  5. Paste the log information into a new text file, which you can open with a standard text editor (Notepad, TextEdit, etc.)
  6. Save the text file containing the log information and give it a descriptive name

Once you have the log file, you can post information about your issue on the support forums and attach the log.

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Access Additional Logs

You can also provide a ?log=X parameter, where X is one of the following:

  • Plex: the current Plex log.
  • PlexPrevious: the previous Plex log from the last run
  • PlexBackgroundAudioPlayer: the current background audio player log, which on Windows Phone is a separate process
  • PlexBackgroundAudioPlayerPrevious: the previous background audio player log

For instance:

Plex Media Server Logs

Your Plex Media Server keeps a log file that's often useful: "Plex Media Server.log". Where exactly the file is stored depends on your operating system.

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