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Warning!: Plex Home Theater is deprecated and no longer in development. We have focused our efforts on the newer Plex Media Player app instead and recommend moving to that app.

You can make your movie Library richer by adding Extras to it. These are things like trailers, deleted scenes, behind the scenes features, and more.

The Cinema Trailers feature lets you have some trailers automatically play in front of a movie to help recreate that real cinema experience!

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Plex Media Server Settings

You'll first want to set the appropriate preferences for your Plex Home Theater.

  1. Open Plex Web App
  2. Go to Settings > Server > Extras
  3. Choose the desired setting for the Cinema trailers preference

This determines how trailers for the Cinema Trailers feature are chosen.

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Plex Home Theater Settings

Next, set your Plex Home Theater preferences.

  1. Open Plex Home Theater
  2. Go to Preferences > Playback > Extras
  3. Choose the desired number for the Number of cinema trailers before movies preference

This will determine how many trailers will be played before the "main feature" when you choose to play a movie.

Have Trailers in your Library

You'll also need to make sure you have some trailers in your movie Library. If you're a Plex Pass subscriber, you can have trailers automatically added to most movies. All users are also able to add local trailer files.

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Cinema Trailers

Using the Cinema Trailers feature once preparations are completed is simple. In fact, it's as easy as just playing a movie! Start playback in any of the normal ways:

  1. From Recently Added on your Dashboard
  2. From the item when browsing your library
  3. From the item details/pre-play screen

Trailers will be played before the movie as per your preferences.


You can access all of your extras for a movie from the Extras menu in the left actionbar of the details/pre-play screen.

  1. Enter the details/pre-play screen for a movie
  2. Select Extras from the left actionbar
  3. The Extras bar will open
  4. Move up and down and then select the desired extra to play

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