Windows: Errors trying to upgrade, install, or uninstall Plex Media Server

Some users may encounter issues attempting to install or uninstall Plex Media Server on Windows. Errors could also occur when trying to upgrade an existing installation. In many cases, this will manifest as a 0x80070643 error message.


Don't Remove Package Cache Install Files

Do not remove package cache installer files related to Plex Media Server. If you do so, you'll have trouble uninstalling or upgrading installations. Those files are found under...

C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\ well as:


Leave the content there alone to avoid issues.

Run the Microsoft Fix It

When encountering errors trying to install, uninstall, or upgrade on a Windows computer (such as an error that a .msi file is missing), running the Microsoft Fix It will typically resolve the issue.

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Receive 0x80070643 Error

You may see this error if the MSI software update registration has become corrupted or if the .NET Framework installation on the computer has become corrupted.

Typically, "Method 3" (steps 1 through 8) in the following Microsoft knowledge base article are appropriate when this error is encountered in relation to Plex Media Server.

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