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Tip!: The Plex Home feature requires an active Plex Pass subscription for the Home administrator Plex account.

The Plex Home feature allows you to set up a set up a group of users that all use Plex together. For instance, there might be a family of users (parents and children) that all use Plex on various devices connected to the same Plex Media Server in their house.

Note: Creating a Plex Home will enable certain features and limitations. We recommend ensuring that you're familiar with how a Plex Home works before proceeding.

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Accessing My Home

You can access this under Settings > Users in Plex Web App.

Alternatively, you can access the Users item under the Account dropdown at the top right.

Click the My Home menu option on the left to access your Home.

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User Management

You can manage your users here, allowing you to add, edit, or remove members from your Plex Home.

Add a User to the Home

Using the Add User button will open a window where you can add either an existing Plex Account to your Home or else create a new Managed User.

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Add an Existing Plex User

If someone already has their own regular Plex Account, you can add that to your Home.

After you've specified the user, you can choose to share Libraries as well as set Restrictions.

Tip!: If you're already Friends with the user and you've already set up sharing or restrictions, those existing settings will carry over when adding the person to your Home.

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Create a Managed User

Managed Users are only available after signing in with a regular Plex Account in your Home. You can choose any name you like and you'll be able to set restrictions on accessible media. Managed Users have certain limitations and other differences from regular full Plex Accounts.

Tip!: Managed Users are often created by parents as an account for a young child.

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After you've specified the user, you can choose to share Libraries as well as set Restrictions.

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User PINs

Adding a PIN to a user means that when using Fast User Switching, you'll be prompted to enter the selected PIN when switching to that user. For instance, parents might choose to set a PIN on their account so that their child can't simply switch to the parent account.

Tip!: Even if you're not part of a Plex Home, you can still add a PIN to your account. Doing so will trigger changes in your Plex Media Server to increase security.

Add a PIN

Click on the Lock link on the Home member to open an overlay.

In the PIN overlay, type in the four-digit PIN desired for the account and then Save.

That will set the PIN for the account.

Edit the PIN

If a user already has a PIN set, the Lock link on the Home member will be green. To edit the PIN, click the link.

If editing a PIN on the admin account, you'll first need to enter the existing PIN. If the PIN is for a Managed User, you can directly set or remove the PIN there.

Enter the new four-digit PIN and then Save.

Tip!: Admins can edit the PIN for themselves or any Managed User; they cannot edit the PIN for another regular Plex Account. Non-admins can only edit their own PIN. Managed Users cannot edit any PIN.

Remove the PIN

To remove the PIN from a Home member, edit the PIN and then use the Remove link. For the admin user, the existing PIN will first need to be entered.

Remove a User from the Home

You can remove a member of the Home in two ways. First, you can edit the Home user entry and then use the Remove from Home button on the General tab.

More simply, you can just use the delete icon for the member's entry in the main Home list.

After you choose to remove the member, you'll be prompted to confirm the decision.

Enable Guest

You can enable a "Guest" account for your Plex Home if you wish using the Enable Guest button. When you do so, Guest will appear as a user you can choose when the user menu is opened to allow you to select a member of the Home. You might wish to use the Guest account if a friend comes to visit, you let the babysitter access Plex, or any other number of reasons.

In most respects, the Guest user is similar to a Managed User. The main differences are:

  • You cannot add a PIN to the Guest user
  • When an app is "locked" by having the user menu open or screensaver going, the app will behave as though the Guest user is the active app user for permissions and access.

You can use Disable Guest at any time, which will hide the Guest from being shown in the user menu.

Leave Home

Any regular Plex Account can choose to leave a Home if they wish to do so using the Leave Home button. If the admin of the Plex Home wishes to destroy the Home, the Leave Home button can also be used.

Warning!: If the admin leaves the Plex Home, it will automatically remove all remaining users as well as permanently delete all Managed Users.

You will be prompted for a confirmation before leaving the Home.