Plex Home Security Changes

Tip!: The Plex Home feature requires an active Plex Pass subscription for the Home administrator Plex account.

Keeping Your Media Safe

When you create a Plex Home, some changes on your Plex Media Server will automatically be made to help keep your media safe. The same thing will happen if you set a PIN for your user even if you don't add anyone else as a member.

So, these changes will occur in the following situations:

  • Add another member and create a Plex Home
  • Set a PIN for your user even if not adding another member

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What Gets Changed

When a Plex Home is created or you set a PIN on your user, the following changes are automatically made to your Plex Media Server.

Require Apps, Devices, and Tools to be Signed In

Any Plex apps or devices you use to connect with the Server must be signed into a Plex account, whether the app/device is online or offline. That account must have permission to access the Server either by being a member of the Home or else because content has been shared with them under Friends. This also includes any third-party app or tool you may use that accesses your Server.

Tip!: If you use another tool to update your Libraries, for example, make sure that it's signed in to your Plex account.

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Note: All access to the server requires authentication, regardless of any setting in Settings > Server > Network > List of networks that are allowed without auth in Plex Web App.

Disable the DLNA Server

The DLNA server built in to Plex Media Server will be disabled completely. DLNA access does not use a specific user account and so it would have full access to all of your media. Thus, it's disabled by default here to help keep your media safe.

If desired, you can turn the Enable the DLNA server option back on under Settings > Server > DLNA, though we do not recommend doing so.

Warning!: Enabling the DLNA server means that any DLNA device or app will have full, unrestricted access to your content.