Consequences of Being in a Plex Home

Tip!: The Plex Home feature requires an active Plex Pass subscription for the Home administrator Plex account.

When you create a Plex Home, there are certain changes that are made and things you should be aware of that may be important to you.

Note: You should only join a Plex Home if you completely trust the admin and there's typically little reason to join a Home if the members aren't actually physically together. You can also only be a member of a single Plex Home.

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Single Admin

There is a single admin for the Plex Home. This is the user that originally created the Home. The admin user essentially has complete control over things: Only the admin user can add, remove, or edit who is in the Home.

15 Additional Members

Up to 15 members can be invited to a Plex Home. That includes a combination of both Managed Users as well as regular Plex Accounts that are invited.

Access to Shared Libraries

Users only have access to Libraries shared with that particular user.

  • Managed Users can only receive shares from the admin user
  • Regular Plex Accounts can have shares from other people outside the Home
  • Shares from outside the Home are not accessible to other members in the Home

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Internet Access

In order to use Fast User Switching to switch between members of a Plex Home, you must have an active internet connection. Apps will cache information related to the last-used user, so if you're offline you'll still be able to access an app with that last-used user while in a Plex Home.

Access When Switching to Another User

When switching between users in a Home, there are certain things to keep in mind.

Other Users Can Switch

Any member of the Home can choose to switch to any other user. If you try to switch to a user that has a PIN set, then you will be prompted to enter the PIN in order to unlock and access that account.

When You Switch, You Become That User

When you switch to another user, you really are switching to that user. You effectively become that user. That means that you have the same access as that user:

  • If the user runs a Plex Media Server, you can access and change the Server settings
  • You can see Libraries shared with that user (either in the Home or shared from outside the Home)
  • You can view their account information (though you can't change it unless you also know their password)

Warning!: Remember that you should only join a Plex Home if you completely trust the admin. You should set a PIN on your account if you don't want other users switching to you.

Changes to Plex Media Server

When creating or joining a Plex Home, certain changes are made to the Plex Media Server to help keep the media safe.

  • Any app, device, or tool communicating with your Server will need to be signed in to a Plex account (whether online or offline)
  • The account from above must be authorized to access the Server (either the owner account or one to which Libraries have been shared)
  • The DLNA server will be disabled by default

See the dedicated support article for more details.

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