Becoming "friends" with someone in Plex allows you to interact with that user. For instance, you can:

  • share Libraries with them
  • recommend certain content to them
  • invite them to your Plex Home

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Access Your Friends

You can access these under Settings > Users in Plex Web App.

Alternatively, you can access the Users item under the Account dropdown at the top right.

Click the Friends menu option on the left to access your Friends.

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Managing Friends

Once on the Friends page, you can manage your existing Friends, invite new ones, or remove Friends.

Invite a Friend

The Invite Friend button will allow you to send an invitation to add a Friend. Using it will open a new window allowing you to specify the Friend's Plex username or email address.

Here you can also choose to share Libraries from a Plex Media Server with the Friend.

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Edit a Friend

Click the edit (pencil) icon for a Friend to edit that entry.

The Friend's details window will open where you can edit the friendship.

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Remove a Friend

You can remove a Friend in two ways. First, you can edit the Friend entry and then use the Remove this Friend button on the General tab.

More simply, you can just use the delete icon for the Friend's entry in the main Friends list.

After you choose to remove the Friend, you'll be prompted to confirm the decision.

Invites Awaiting Confirmation

If someone else has sent you an invitation to become Friends, it will show up at the top of the page under the Invites heading.

Pending Invitations

If you've sent an invitation to someone else that hasn't yet been accepted, it will show at the bottom of the page under the Pending header.

Recommending Content to a Friend

The Recommendations feature allows you to "recommend"—or suggest—an item to one of your Friends so that they can watch it. The following kinds of items can be Recommended:

  • Watch Later
  • Recommendations
  • Channel content

You can recommend content using various Plex Apps.

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