Settings: Plex for Roku

The Plex channel for Roku players allows you to adjust a number of settings. You can access these from the user menu in the upper-right of the channel.


Automatically Sign In

If you're in a Plex Home, you can use this option to have the app automatically sign in to the currently-selected user and bypass any PIN for that user.

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Remote Control

Enable or disable the ability for other Plex apps to fling content to this device and control it remotely.

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Background Style

When enabled the Plex channel will display a blured version of your background artwork instead of a dimmed unblurred version

Cinema Trailers

Choose how many Cinema Trailers to play before a movie starts.

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Choose between the bouncing PLEX logo, the default Roku screensaver, or no screensaver.


Enable the display of the clock in either the 12 hour or 24 hour format.


Local Quality

This sets the quality to use when streaming content on your local network. In most cases, you can set this to a high value. Higher settings produce better video quality but require more network bandwidth.

Remote Quality

You can set the quality to use when streaming content remotely or from Channels in Plex. The quality you can reliably use is typically limited by either your download bandwidth, the upload bandwidth from the source Plex Media Server if streaming remotely, or the network speed of the source website for the Channel if you're streaming from a Channel.

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Direct Play

Choose how the app handles Direct Play content


The App will attempt to Direct Play compatible media, and direct stream/transcode when necessary.


The App will attempt to Direct Play regardless of compatibility, falling back to direct stream or transcode if a failure occurs.


The App will not attempt to Direct Play media, resulting in either direct streaming or transcoding the media as necessary.

Allow Direct Streaming

When enabled, allow the server to copy compatible audio and video streams without converting them.

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Burn in Subtitles (transcode)

Force the Roku to burn subtitles into videos rather than trying to display them natively (resulting in the video being transcoded by the server.)

Note: In order to toggle soft subtitles during video playback within the App you will need to ensure that Captions mode is set to Instant replay in the Captions section of the Roku device settings.

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Maximum H.264 Level

Choose the maximum H.264 level to be considered when deciding if the media will Direct Play, Direct Stream, or Transcode.

Note: We recommend leaving this set to the default level of 4.1. You can try using something higher, but it’s not recommended as it may result in playback issues.


Warning!: These advanced preferences should not need to be altered by most users.

Server Discovery (GDM)

When enabled the Plex channel will scan your local network at startup to find any available Servers.

Note: The Server Discovery (GDM) option requires your Plex Media Server to also have it's Enable local network discovery (GDM) option enabled in order for it to be discoverable.

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Log Level

Here you can set the logging level for the App.

Remote Loging

Enable remote logging for the next 20 minutes if the App is connected to your Plex account.

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Analytics (anonymous)

Allow Plex to collect anonymous data to improve your experience. Personally-identifiable information is not transmitted.

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