Why am I seeing "SD resolution is not supported"?

There are a few reasons you might see a "SD resolution is not supported" message:

Not an HD television

The Plex channel for Roku players currently only supports HD resolutions for the interface. This means that you need at least a 720p television to be able to use the app.

We're working to be able to support SD resolutions in the future.

If you're using your device with such a display, you can still make use our older, discontinued Plex Classic channel, which does support SD resolutions.

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Not using HDMI connection

You may see this error if you have your Roku connected via composite cables. Please instead connect the Roku using a standard HDMI cable.

Roku set to wrong Display Type

If your Roku is set to the wrong Display type, you can encounter the message. In the main Roku device menu:

  1. Go to Settings > Display type
  2. Make sure you choose a 720p or higher setting