Creating a Premium Music Library

Tip!: Creating a Premium music library requires an active Plex Pass subscription.

Premium music libraries expand on what's available from regular music libraries by bringing you the best metadata, improved matching of your content using Gracenote sonic fingerprinting, and even automatically finding lyrics from LyricFind for your collection.

You can create a Premium music library just like any other library.

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Note: It isn't possible to convert a regular music library to a Premium library (or vice versa); you'll need to create a new library. You can, of course, have both libraries side by side if you desire.

For best results, we recommend that you follow our naming and organization recommendations for your music content.

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Before you can create a Premium music library, you need to ensure that:

  1. You have Plex Media Server v0.9.12.0 or newer installed
  2. You're running Plex Media Server on a platform that supports Premium  music libraries
  3. You're signed in to your Plex Media Server with your Plex Pass enabled account
  4. You have an active internet connection for the Server

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To create a Library, launch the Plex Web App then:

  1. Click if you're not at the Home screen.
  2. Find the Server on which you want to create the library in the left sidebar and click to add a new library.
  3. Choose the Library type from the selection.
  4. Name the Library and choose the Language to use for information gathered from the internet. Click Next.
  5. Next, add the folders with the media files. Click Browse for Media Folder.
  6. Choose the folder to add then click Add. (To remove a folder, click X.) Click Next to advance.
  7. Choose the Create a premium Plex music library! option. Click Next.
  8. Select your advanced options as desired. Click Add Library to create the library.

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Detailed Information

Below is detailed information about the steps for creating a Premium music library.

Select Type

Select Music as the library type. When you do, you'll then be able to customize the name of the library and the language to use (metadata won't always be available in all languages).

Choose Next to advance.

Add folders

Use the Browse for Media Folder button to open a window to allow you to select where your music content is located. Add one or more locations for your music.

Choose Next to advance.


Select the Create a premium Plex music library! option in order to create a Premium music library. Choose Next to advance.


There are several advanced options available related to the music library. See below for details on these preferences.

After setting them as desired, choose Add Library to create the new Premium music library. You'll be taken into the library, where you can watch as your content is scanned in, matched, and metadata retrieved.

Import from iTunes

Enabling this option will attempt to import your music playlists from iTunes. It will also import your ratings, the date you added the music, as well as play and skip counts for tracks in your library.

This option requires that iTunes be installed in the default location on the computer running Plex Media Server.

Include in dashboard

This setting determines whether:

  • content from this library will be included in Recently Added on the dashboard
  • artwork from the library will be included in global slideshows

Use embedded tags

When scanning this Library, base the content matching only off of the embedded metadata tags (e.g. ID3 tags for MP3 files.).

Gracenote genre level

(This option actually affects the settings for the "Plex Premium Music" metadata agent). With this, you can choose how genre information is gathered from Gracenote. The available options:

  • None
  • Coarse (10 genres)
  • Medium (75 genres)
  • Fine (500 genres)

So, if you choose the "Medium" value, then the genres for your music will be pulled from a pool of 75 possible genres. Choosing "None" means that no genre information will be pulled in from Gracenote.

Download concert information

(This option actually affects the settings for the "Plex Premium Music" metadata agent.) Upcoming concert information can be gathered from When available, it can be displayed on the artist's page.

Download popular track information

(This option actually affects the settings for the "Plex Premium Music" metadata agent.) Gather data from about which tracks for particular artists are most popular. When available, those popular tracks are displayed on the artist's page.

Download album reviews

(This option actually affects the settings for the "Plex Premium Music" metadata agent.) When this option is enabled, album reviews from Gracenote will be gathered when available.