How do I use mood information for tracks or albums?

Tip!: Mood information about tracks is a feature of our Premium music libraries, which require an active Plex Pass subscription for the Plex Media Server account.

When using a Premium music library, one of the many pieces of information gathered about your collection (with the help of Gracenote) is "mood" information related to each track. Because your server has that information, it allows you to browse your collection based on different moods.

You can watch this short video for an overview:

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Note: While the app UI has since been updated from what's shown in the video, the general information is still valid.

Browsing Moods For Tracks or Albums

Since moods are associated with individual tracks, the primary way to access them is to browse your library "by Track". However, the moods are also exposed for albums, so you can similarly browse "by Album".

For example, in Plex Web App, open the music library and then switch the view to Tracks.


In the top actionbar, open the Filter menu and then choose Moods.


You'll see a list of the available moods. Choose whatever strikes your fancy!


Once you've chosen a mood, you can play or shuffle the filtered list as desired or even save it as a playlist.

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