The Local Device

What is it?

Since the app lets you select the specific location you're viewing (your own Plex Media Server, a shared server, a Cloud Sync server, etc.) for a first-class experience, that includes selecting the actual device itself. Under the hood, the app brings in the same kind of powerful browsing, searching, filtering, and sorting that you've come to expect when using your live Plex Media Server.

You can quickly find a synced item, shuffle your entire synced music collection, and even access your device's camera roll without leaving the app.

Accessing the Local Device

Your iPhone or iPad will show up as an entry in the location menu alongside your media servers and Cloud Sync. Simply select your device from the list, then use the navigation menu to access your synced content and local camera roll.

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What's available?

After your iPhone or iPad is selected from the location menu of the app, you can access your device's camera roll, browse and play synced content from your server library, or even access to your Watched Later and Recommendations queues.

Camera Roll

You can easily access your device's local camera roll photos and videos from the navigation menu, all without leaving the app. You can even fling them to another Plex app or compatible device such as a Google Chromecast.

Your photos and videos are grouped under their own Camera Roll section and helpfully list the most recent items first.

Warning: Camera Roll photo playback via AirPlay is not currently supported.

Synced Content

The local device provides a central home for all your synced content, regardless of the server from which you synced it. It can be easily accessed from the both the home screen and the navigation menu.

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Home Screen

The Home screen offers the same beautiful "hubs" experience as your Plex Media Server but populated with your synced content.

Note: Unless your synced content was recently added to your server, is currently being watched, or is a show that is "On Deck", it may not be displayed on the home screen. In this case simply use the navigation menu to open the corresponding library and view your synced content.

Navigation Menu

Synced content is always readily accessible from the navigation menu. Each entry reflects the library name on the Plex Media Server from which it was synced. Once you enter a synced library of content, you can filter, sort, and browse it just as you would on the regular server.

As you can see below, Movies, Music, and TV Shows are actually libraries that contain content synced from the "Martin Family Media" server, yet appear and function just like their main counterparts with the synced content they contain.

Watch Later and Recommendations

Videos in your Watch Later queue or Recommendations list are displayed right alongside the "hubs" on the home screen.

Note: Watch Later and Recommendations will not be visible if your device does not have an internet connection.


While the local device works very similar to a real Plex Media Server behind the scenes, there are a few limitations that are worth noting:

  • It is not possible to manually delete individual media from a sync item.
  • Synced playlists are read-only and cannot be modified.
  • New playlists cannot be created on the local device.