iOS Overview

The Plex for iOS app is designed from the ground up to be fast, powerful, stable, and to bring you closer to your personal media than ever.

While the app has lots of functionality available for free and you can test out playback, you'll need to activate the app to unlock full playback functionality.

Tip!: Plex for iOS is available for devices running iOS 9.3 or newer.

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Navigating the App

The app is designed both to let you easily access content as you want and also to help you find content to watch or listen to if you don't already have something in mind. This starts with the home screen, continues when you choose to view a particular library, and carries through even to viewing individual items.

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Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu is your centralized method to access most areas of the app. You can quickly jump to a particular Plex library, manage your sync items or app settings, switch users, and change locations.

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Item Preplay Screen

The item preplay screen provides a rich experience tailored to each type of media, be it browsing related movies, accessing movie extras, finding the perfect season of Archer, or simply syncing a music track.

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The Local Device

The Local device is home to your all your synced content and camera roll. It brings the same browsing, searching, and filtering experience you have come to enjoy from the Plex Media Server to your mobile device. You can quickly find a synced item, shuffle your entire synced music collection, and even access your device's camera roll—all without leaving the app.

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Media Playback

When playing media, you can choose to do so on your device or fling the content to another Plex app and then use your iOS device to control that playback. While playing content, you can seek to another point within the video or song, choose which audio/subtitle stream to use, and more.

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Using Mobile Sync

Mobile Sync provides an easy way for you take your content with you and enjoy it offline. You can sync a range of content from your library, including—but not limited to—movies, music, photos, and even playlists!

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Sign into a Plex account, choose whether you want Cinema Trailers played before a movie, set up Camera Upload to add camera roll photos to your Plex Media Server, or determine whether you'll share synced content with other Plex apps. All of that and more can be adjusted under the app Settings.

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iOS Logs

If you're experiencing an issue, logs from your iOS app can be invaluable in helping investigate the problem to find a resolution.

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