Overview of Premium Music Libraries

Tip!: Premium music libraries require an active Plex Pass subscription for the Plex Media Server account.

Premium music libraries really take your music experience to eleven! Enjoy better artwork and artist bios, album reviews, improved matching, automatic lyrics from LyricFind, and more.

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Note: While Premium music libraries are available for the majority of Plex Media Server platforms, there are a select few on which it isn't possible to create and use a Premium music library.

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Better Artwork, Artist Bios, Album Reviews

Premium music libraries pull in detailed metadata from Gracenote and Last.fm to give you the best artist bios and album reviews. High-quality art is found from multiple sources, including Gracenote, Discogs, and Last.fm. Your own embedded artwork can be pulled in, too, of course.

Better Matching via Gracenote

We've worked with Gracenote to integrate their industry-leading sonic fingerprinting technology so that your music can be matched no matter how messy your library (and embedded metadata) may be.

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Automatic Lyrics from LyricFind

Ever wondered what they're really singing in some of those songs? Have lyrics automatically added for tracks in your library. These can even include "timed" lyrics so you can easily follow along with the song!

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Plex Mix

Have some favorite tracks in your collection? Find one and then kick off a Plex Mix so that you can listen to your own personal mix of music of similar tracks from your library. It's like having your own radio station, but it's all music from your own collection that you've already hand-picked!

Overview Video

Watch a quick overview video of our Premium music libraries.

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