How do I start a Plex Mix?

Tip!: Plex Mix is a feature of our Premium music libraries, which require an active Plex Pass subscription for the Plex Media Server account.

Plex Mix is like being able to start your own radio station of similar tracks from your own collection.

Note: It may not always be possible to create a Plex Mix for you. The larger your music library, the more chance that Plex Mix will be available for any particular track.

You can watch this short video for an overview:

From a Track

When viewing a list of tracks, you can use the context menu to access an option to start playing a Plex Mix based on that track. For instance, in the Plex Web App, you could do so from an album or the Popular Tracks list by accessing ··· when hovering over the track entry.

Perhaps you're instead browsing albums on your television using the Plex for Smart TVs app.

During Playback

If you're in the middle of playing some music - maybe an album or perhaps you shuffled your entire library - and decide that you'd like to start a Plex Mix based on the current track, you can do so. In Plex Web App, access the ··· on the mini-player at the bottom of the screen.

Choosing Queue Plex Mix will continue playing the current track and then queues up the requested Plex Mix to play after the track finishes.