Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu is your centralized method to access most areas of the app. You can quickly jump to a particular Plex library, manage your sync items or app settings, switch users, and change locations.

It can be accessed by tapping on the  button in the upper-right corner of the app, or by swiping in from the right edge of your device's screen.

Tip!: The navigation menu is accessible from almost anywhere in the app, so you can easily access actions and jump to other libraries.

Location Menu

The Location Menu is home to your local device as well as owned, shared, and cloud servers. You can easily switch between them to access your desired media.

Once you tap on the location menu, it will open and allow you to select the desired entry.

Green Lock

If the app can communicate securely with a media server it will be displayed with a green lock on the server icon.

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Server States

Each entry in the location menu has a helpful subtitle to identify its state and if it's remote, it will list the server owner in parentheses. 

  • Connecting - The app is currently testing a connection to the server.
  • Needs Update - The server is not running the minimum required Plex Media Server version and needs updating.
  • Not Authorized - A server discovered on the same network, but to which the current user does not have access.
  • Offline - A server that is not currently available.
  • Nearby - A server on the same network that is shared with or owned by the current user.
  • Remote - A server that resides on a different network from your iOS device.
  • Cloud - A Cloud Sync server.

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User Menu

The app fits perfectly into your Plex Home with the help of the User Menu. You can quickly switch to any user in your Plex Home to enjoy your own personalized Plex experience.

Once you tap on the user menu, it will open and allow you to select the desired member of your Plex Home.

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PIN entry

If your Plex account has a PIN you will be prompted to enter it when switching to that member. This PIN lets you restrict access to your account. For instance, you may have children in your Plex Home and don't want them to be able to access your account.

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Libraries / Playlists / Channels List

The navigation menu is home to your Plex libraries, playlists, and channels. You can easily jump to a library to enjoy your personal media, browse your personally curated playlists, or view online content with Plex Channels.

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Tapping the search bar allows you to easily find particular media—be it a Movie, TV Show, Episode, Artist, Album, or Track. Results are grouped by type to help you easily view and access them.

Searches are performed against the currently selected server or location.

Tip!: You can long-press on the navigation menu button from anywhere in the app to quickly open the search screen.

Sync / Friends / Settings

The navigation menu also provides quick access to managing your sync items, Plex friends, and app settings. 


The Sync button provides access to the sync management screen as well as visual feedback on the status of your current sync items.

Note: If the app is not signed in or you are using a managed user, the sync button will be greyed out. You will need to be signed in with a full Plex account for the button to be enabled.

Sync Button States

The Sync button provides visual feedback via a number of "states" listed below;

  •  Idle - Sync is currently idle or nothing has been synced yet.
  •  Busy - Sync is busy processing and syncing your items to the device.
  •  Error - An error occurred while syncing media to your device.

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The friends button lets you manage your Plex friends. With the friends screen open you can easily add a friend using the  button or swipe to remove a friend with the delete button .

Note: While it is possible to add and remove friends via the app, if you wish to share your library with a friend or manage existing sharing permissions, please use the Plex Web App.

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App settings are quickly accessed from the settings button. You can sign in and out of your account, activate the app via an in-app purchase, manage your sharing options, configure Camera Upload, tweak advanced settings, and even access debugging options.

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