Purchasing a Plex Pass Subscription Through iTunes

It is possible to purchase Plex Pass subscriptions directly through the Plex for iOS app or Apple TV apps. This subscription is billed through iTunes and can be managed from your iOS device or from iTunes on your computer.

A Plex Pass subscription purchased in the app provides all the same features and benefits, but there are some slight differences in how it is managed when compared to a subscription through our website. Continue reading this full article for details.

To purchase a Plex Pass subscription through the iOS app:

  1. Use the Subscribe button at the center of the Settings > Activate and Upgrade screen.
  2. A purchase window will appear to let you confirm the in-app subscription

Warning!: Plex Pass subscriptions purchased through the app cannot be refunded by us, so we encourage you to test the functionality of the app prior to purchasing!

How can I manage my iTunes Plex Pass subscription?

Since the Plex Pass subscription offered from within the app is billed through iTunes, you will need to use either your iOS device or iTunes on a computer to manage your subscription. This includes updating your payment information, viewing, changing, or cancelling a monthly/yearly iTunes Plex Pass subscription.

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How do I switch from being billed through iTunes to start being billed directly by Plex?

In order to switch to being billed directly from plex.tv, you will need to:

  1. Use your iOS device or iTunes to stop renewal of your current recurring Plex Pass subscription
  2. Let your current month (or year) through iTunes run out
  3. Once the subscription has expired, wait until it is removed from your Plex account (it usually takes 24-48 hours to be removed)
  4. Create a new Plex Pass subscription from the Plex website

Tip!: If you are being billed through iTunes and have any questions regarding billing, please contact Apple Support.

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I restarted a cancelled sub via iTunes, how do I get it to appear on my Plex account?

If you previously had a monthly or yearly subscription billed through iTunes that expired and you then restarted the subscription, it will not immediately be shown on your Plex account. This is because iTunes doesn't tell us that the subscription was restarted. To sync things up again, please:

  1. Open your Plex for iOS app
  2. Ensure that you are signed in to the correct Plex account
  3. Use the Restore Purchases button on the app activation screen

That will sync up information from iTunes with your Plex account.

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