Xbox One Logs

When investigating some issues, we may ask you to share your logs.

Set up Logging

You'll first need to set things up so that you can get logs from the Xbox One app.

Enable Xbox One Logging

First, you need to enable logging so that the app will send log information to your Plex Media Server.

  1. Open Settings under the user menu
  2. Choose Privacy
  3. Enable the Log to Media Server preference

Once you do this, the Xbox One app will automatically send log lines to the Plex Media Server to which you're connected.

Plex Media Server Logs

Now that you've enabled the logging in the Xbox One app, it will send the log information to your Plex Media Server. The logs will be included in your regular Plex Media Server.log file. Where exactly the file is stored depends on your operating system.

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Reproduce and Report the Issue

With logging set up and now that you know where the Server log file is located, reproduce the issue you're having on the Xbox One.

  1. Reproduce the issue
  2. Post a description of the problem in the forums if you haven't already
  3. Attach (do not simply paste into the post) your Plex Media Server.log file to the post

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